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Quality Mission

Our company has a documented Quality System which meets the Corporate operational needs and the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2008, SS EN 206-1 and OSHAS 18001 : 2007. The documentation includes written procedures which detail the purpose, scope, responsibility, instruction to perform critical works applicable to each function of the business process. It also includes the controls applicable to achieve desired quality and ensure conformance to customer requirements. In addition, our company also continually seeks to improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the standards through internal Quality Audit, Management Review and Continual Improvement Procedures. The management has identified the key processes to apply the integrated management system processes to achieve customer needs. The system-process approach modelled is as followed:
  1. Securing Jobs through Sales Enquiry / Quotation and Contract Handling
  2. Quality & Resource Planning
  3. Process Execution and Control
  4. Purchasing of Materials
  5. Material Receiving Inspection
  6. Ready Mixed Concrete Components Production
  7. Fabrication of Moulds
  8. Precast Concrete Components Production
  9. Cube Test
  10. Material Test
  11. Pre-Pour & Post-Pour Inspection
  12. Delivery
  13. Invoicing
  14. Securing Payment
The business process chart shows the functions within the company and the interaction within these functions and departments.

Please click here to see our Business Process Chart in full 

Records of Quality Management System are in accordance with Quality Record Retention Procedure.

Our Certifications

Certificates of Conformity (SSEN 206-1 : 2009)   ISO 9001:2008   OHSAS 18001: 2007   BCA Certificate of License (Specialist Builder - Precast Concrete Work)
Membership for Federation of Malaysia Manufactures (FMM)   Membership of Tunnelling & Underground Construction Society (Singapore-TUCSS)   BCA Registered Contractor (CR10 - Precast Concrete Work)   BCA PBU Supplier - In-Principle Acceptance
Singapore Concrete Institute (SCI) Certificate of Accreditation for PC2   CIDB Registration        
Singapore Concrete Institute (SCI) Certificate of Accreditation for PC2   CIDB Registration        


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