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KOMT has been supplying concrete products in the construction industry since 2009.

Working with consulting engineers, architects and main contractors, our experienced design team creates precast concrete products, we complete projects to the most exacting and precise specifications, which meet the most demanding project requirements.

We have been contributed to the success of many prestigious projects with a comprehensive product range from public facilities to residential needs to assist all off-site construction requirements.

Case Studies

1. Precast Tunnel Segment

Nowadays KOMT is an active partner in the Tunnelling Industry at Singapore with a total 33,440 segments casted to date 2014.

Precast tunnel segment are used in circular tunnels that are mined by using tunnel boring machine. A complete set of precast tunnel segment, also referred to as ring, consist of five pieces of segments and one key with thickness of 275mm and 1400mm width. Compared to the traditional method, precast tunnel segment provide the builders with:
  • Complete stable ground support
  • Easily transported and handled elements inside the tunnel
  • Regular sound foundation, durable and low maintenance structure
  • No additional work such as curing is required prior to use
Few additional processes have been implemented in order to achieve the quality requirement which specified by the builders during the manufacturing.

Reinforcing Steel Cage Fabrication

Mould Preparation




Water-proof Coating

Green Dot






2. Swimming Pool

A complete set of precast swimming pool consist of five pieces of elements with overall height of 3100mm and 2500mm width. Precast swimming pool exceeds traditional method of cast in-situ in many ways such as:
  • Easier management of construction site
  • Advanced technologies used produce an improved quality product compared with the site-cast concrete
  • Effective design detailing helps to lengthen the life of a precast swimming pool
Unlike the precast segmental lining, precast swimming pool does not require additional process. However, due to the nature of the elements, the concrete used need to have water-proofing ability. As such, few possibilities are considered during designing the concrete mix to achieve the required specification.
  Reinforcing Steel Cage Fabrication and Mould Preparation   Concreting  
  Curing   Delivery  

3. Prefabricated Bathroom Unit

Prefabricated bathroom unit (PBU) refers to a bathroom unit pre-assembled off-site, nevertheless on a concrete shell units which is having the pipes and conduits pre-installed and is ready to receive fit-out finishes such as sanitary wares, cabinets, ceiling and walls & floor finishes upon installation into position.

By shifting most of the fabrication work and wet trades off-site to the controlled environment of a factory, prefabricated bathroom unit can yield both time and manpower savings by about 60%. Furthermore, there is a better control of both materials and the prefabrication process, resulting in higher quality finishes and lesser wastage.
  Reinforcing Steel Cage Fabrication
and Mould Preparation
  Concreting   Curing  

4. Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

KOM Technologies is a manufacturer of PPVC carcass since 2018. Our scope of services ranging from coordination and designing the PPVC shop drawing, fabrication and supply of PPVC carcass to Singapore and providing specialist technical support to our client. Based in Simpang Renggam Johor, we aim to ensure our PPVC products safe for use and to ensure full customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. We are also committed to produce high quality products throughout the South East Asian region.
  Assembly and Mould Preparation   Concreting   Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)  
and Mould Preparation
  Concreting   Prefabricated Prefinished
Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

5. Other Precast Items

Refuse Chute   Manhole Chamber Ring   Stair Flight
Tee-Wall   Trial Assembly Ring    

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